Discrete Cable (32 Conductor)


Mate w/ CH2, CH+, A1KM Adapter Family)

Associated Connectors:

AC61-KF – 6-foot, 32-conductor mating cable for CH2, CH+ and A1KM/H1KM/H2KM-64 adapters. Assembled using black, PTFE-insulated, 22 AWG, silver-plated, 7/30 stranded wire per MIL-W-16878/5 Type EE. Includes connector hood and strain relief. Wires blunt cut and labeled. 100% Tested. Custom lengths available.

AC62-KF – Same as AC61-KF except for connectors on both ends

ACCH-DO: Mating connector for CH+/CH2, crimp without hood1
ACCH-DH: Mating connector for CH+/CH2, crimp with hood1
ACCL-05: CH hood clips / mass connect (kit of 5)
ACCH-SV: Cable Saver for AC61-KF
ADCS-C2: CH2 Connector Saver / Quick Connect (covers 1 scanner)
AC11-KF: 10-foot, 32-conductor mating cable
AC31-KF: 3-foot, 32-conductor mating cable